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The Student Apprenticeship Mini-Grant (SAMG) is a competitive, merit-based award which supports undergraduate students in assisting a faculty mentor with research and creative activities during the academic year. The award's purpose is to introduce students to scholarly and professional activity in their discipline. Freshman, sophomore, and transfer students are prioritized. Students must be enrolled in a matriculated program at SUNY Brockport. The SAMG Award provides an hourly wage of up to 5 hours per week for scholarly or creative assistance directly associated with faculty scholarship (to a maximum of $1000). Currently, the rate per hour for student work is $12.50. The award is designed to encourage student participation in scholarly activity, and a broad range of activity will be supported. This award functions as an hourly wage for an undergraduate student.


  • Any student who is matriculated and enrolled (full-time or part-time) in an undergraduate program at SUNY Brockport is eligible.
  • Students can only win this award once per academic year.

Post Award Requirements

  • Unused funds expire at the end of each academic year.
  • A Post-Grant Survey Report must be submitted utilizing the link available on the Undergraduate Research page as "Post-Grant Survey," which should be completed by the award expiration date. This report should be completed by the student and faculty mentor, together, and it should include a qualitative assessment for the impact on student success as well as faculty scholarship.

Application Review Process

The SAMG Online Application will be completed by faculty. A student information form, available on the Undergraduate Research webpage, must be completed by the student apprentice at the time of submission. Applications will be reviewed each month by a committee of faculty, staff, and student representatives. Staff support is provided by the Scholar & Grants Development Office.

Guidelines for Application & Materials

Complete the Machform Application 

Upload the following documents

  • Project Description (1-2 single-spaced pages) that include:
    • A project narrative which is clear and compelling to reviewers who may not be specialists in your discipline. It should describe your research or creative project.
    • Describe the anticipated role and specific responsibilities for the student apprentice.
    • Explain how the student will benefit from this experience.
    • Describe a mentoring plan.
    • Identify the current stage of the project and how it fits into your academic study.
    • Include a timeline for completion of the research project.
    • If your project involves conducting research with human subjects, you will need Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval prior to receiving the award.
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation for the student
    • Please provide a letter of recommendation, written by you, that identifies and describes the student selected for the apprenticeship role. The letter will be included as part of your completed application.
  • Budget Page (included in the form available on the Undergraduate Research webpage)
    • Provide details of activity and anticipated hours per week by the student.
    • Students will be required to fill out and submit timesheets reflecting actual hours worked on this project through a link available on the Undergraduate Research webpage.
  • Student information form (available on the Undergraduate Faculty webpage)
    • The student apprentice is required to fill out and submit a student information form at the time of the submission of this application.

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Last Updated 4/19/22