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Internal Awards Spring 2020


Pre-Tenure Award

Dr. Afeez Hazzan: EnhAnCing QualiTy of LIfe Of African-AmericaN CAregivers ThRough Creative AcTivitieS (“ACTION ARTS”)

**Selected for the Pre-Tenure Grants Development Fenton Endowed Award

Post-Tenure Award

Dr. Ruhan Zhao: Operator Theory on Spaces of Analytic Functions of Several Complex Variables

Dr. Francis M Kozub: Examining the use of function–based, antecedent physical activity intervention on older adolescents with development disabilities and challenging behaviors

Dr. Jennifer Ratcliff: Factors Promoting Posttraumatic Growth in Sexual Minority Adults Following Stigmatizing Bullying Experiences in Adolescence

Dr. Jie Zhang: Revising and validating an accessible online course of " Introduction to Special Education” with 100% Open Educational Resources (OER)

Scholarly Incentive Award

Dr. Susan Lowey: Future Health Professionals Interest in Older Adults: A Grounded Theory Exploring Students’ Perspectives

Dr. Kathleen Olmstead: Literacy for All Students

Dr. Jennifer Ramsay: Archaeobotanical Sampling of the Late Neolithic Structures near Wadi al-Qattafi, in the Black

Stevie Oakes: Engagement in a new creative process with emerging, NYC based choreographer

Dr. Rongkun Shen: Expanding the storage capacity of the current DELL server

Dr. Neal Keating: Preliminary Research for a Study of Bunong Language Ecologies in Vietnam

Dr. Ewelina Barski-Moskal: Second language acquisition of object pronouns in Spanish at the beginner and intermediate language levels

Dr. Alexander Smith: The Sinis Archaeological Project, a multidisciplinary, diachronic survey of the Sinis Peninsula and the surrounding landscapes of West-Central Sardinia, Italy

James Hansen: Gender and Modern Dance

Dr. Hong Yin: Solvability of forward-backward stochastic partial differential equations with non-Lipschitz coefficients

Dr. Jennifer Haytock: War and American Literature

Dr. Marium Abugasea Heidt & Dr. Janka Szilagyi: Students' and parents' perceptions on world (foreign) language learning and how this predicts longevity of world language learning.

Dr. Barbara LeSavoy: COIL and NYI international teaching and research activities in Russia

Dr. Robert Dobmeier: Adult perceptions of sexual abuse by clergy

Dr. Jacques Rinchard: Evaluation of reproductive potential of deepwater sculpin from Lake Ontario

**Selected for the Scholarly Incentive Endowed Vestling – Casey Award

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