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Updates on 2021 Undergraduate Research Conferences will be updated as received. 

Undergraduate Research Conferences

National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) and SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference (SURC) are annual undergraduate research conferences for matriculated, enrolled students. They offer a forum to present research projects and creative work to either a national and state audience. The College at Brockport supports a cohort of student presenters each year to both the NCUR and SURC conferences.


The SUNY/CUNY Undergraduate Research Conference (SURC) is a multidisciplinary spring semester event. SURC brings together undergraduate students and faculty mentors from across the SUNY/CUNY system for a full day of activities, including sessions devoted to student presentations (oral, performance, artistic displays, and poster), luncheon, keynote speakers, a SUNY Graduate School and Career Fair, and professional development workshops for students and faculty. SURC is supported by the Offices of the Chancellor, Provost, and Research Foundation, as well as SUNY student and faculty governance organizations. All undergraduate students engaged in research and their mentors across SUNY and CUNY are invited to attend. 

NCUR 2020 Fellow Program

The National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) is held at various university locations throughout the United States during the spring semester.

We are pleased to announce that President Macpherson and Provost Heyning are enthusiastically supporting a student cohort, with accepted projects for presentation, to attend the 2020 NCUR at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT, from March 26-28, 2020. For budgetary purposes, we will be limiting the NCUR 2020 travel group to approximately 25 to 30 accepted student presenters and two faculty chaperones. The exact number of students who will travel to the conference will be determined once the airline costs, lodging costs, etc. for the trip are ascertained.

Through the NCUR Fellow program, we want to:

  • Ensure departmental faculty engagement in the NCUR Fellow process.
  • Achieve early submission of student information needed for travel planning purposes to ensure as many Brockport students as possible are presenting at NCUR 2020.
Faculty mentors will:
  1. Identify significant student research projects.
  2. Encourage student applications to the NCUR Fellow Program.
  3. Review student abstracts prior to submission to the NCUR 2020 website. (Note: It is no longer necessary to rank student abstracts.)

If desired prior to submission, abstract drafts may be emailed to Professor Markus Hoffmann for review and feedback.

Students will:
  1. Submit their own abstracts by December 6.
  2. Submit applications for a Brockport NCUR Fellowship to the NCUR Campus Committee via online application in MachForm.
  3. Pledge their commitment with a signed NCUR 2020 Commitment Statement available in the MachForm application.

Once accepted as NCUR presenters, students will attend a mandatory trip meeting for NCUR Fellows in early February.

General Information

NCUR 2020 Conference Info

NCUR 2020 Abstract Guidelines

The Brockport NCUR Fellow application period will close one week after the NCUR abstract submission deadline.

NCUR typically announces accepted abstracts before the beginning of the spring semester. If more students are accepted than the College can financially support, students who have attended NCUR before will be given lower priority and NCUR 2020 fellowships will be determined by fellowship application date/time order. (First come, first served.)

Any student who did not submit an NCUR Fellow application online will not be eligible for financial support through the Fellows Program. Travel slots of NCUR Fellows who, at a later time, opt out of attending NCUR, will be backfilled according to the date/time order of NCUR Fellow applications.


"Brockport has provided me with positive and life-changing experiences like NCUR and SURC." M. Hutchings, NCUR-SURC Fellow 2016 & 2017

Last Updated 8/13/20

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