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Parking FAQs


How do I know the registration class code and body style of my vehicle?

Below is a sample of a New York State registration document that highlights where to find the registration class code and body style.

REG Sample

I want to park a car on campus. What do I need to do? 

Students and employees should log in to My Parking Account. If you are a visitor to campus (including a visiting student from the Brockport Downtown) park and pay at a meter or use a pay station located in lots T (Tuttle) and V (SERC). Two-day permits are available at a pay station. Meters require payment until 7 pm, Monday - Thursday, and until 5 pm on Fridays. Visitors may also stop at the Conrad Welcome Center (corners of New Campus and Commencement Drives) to purchase a permit. Daily fee is $5; exceptions include parents of enrolled students.

Where can I get a parking permit if the Conrad Welcome Center is closed?

Visitors who arrive on campus after 5 pm may park and pay at a meter until 7 pm or use a pay station (see above). The pay stations provide parking credentials for lots T, V, and V1 during the day and V1 and X overnight. If further assistance is needed after hours, visit University Police in Lathrop Hall.

Where can I park with the permit/pass?

Visitors may park in any lot with the proper permit or at a meter with the appropriate fee paid. Exceptions are lots A, C, and Y. Pay station receipts allow for parking in lots T and V, during the day and lots V1 and X overnight. Students are required to park in designated lots with color-coded signs that correspond to the color of their permit.

I received a parking citation. What can I do about it?

Students and employees are required to use My Parking to appeal your citation. Visitors may download an Appeals Form.

I have a permit and want to park at a meter. Do I have to feed the meter?

Yes. Meters are enforced until 7 pm Monday-Thursday, and until 5 pm on Fridays. Meters are enforced during holidays, campus breaks, winter session and summer! Overnight parking is not allowed at a meter.

I am parked far from my residence hall. Is there an escort service available?

Yes, University Police will provide a walking escort. Call 395-SAFE or use a blue light phone.

I am driving a different car to campus. What do I need to do?

Use My Parking to add a vehicle plate number to your account. You may transfer the hangtag to another car as long as the car you are registering is not driven by or registered to another student, employee, or affiliate of the College. If you forgot the hangtag, stop by the drive-up window at the Conrad Welcome Center to obtain a temporary pass for the day. You may obtain two temporary passes a year without a fee. Employees represented by a collective bargaining unit may purchase a second permit for $5.

I have to load/unload items from my car. Where can I park?

Some areas have a space with a sign indicating it is for loading/unloading purposes. You are allowed to park in these areas for up to 15 minutes with your flashers on. You may always park and pay at a meter.

I have a handicapped pass. Do I still need a campus permit to park?

Yes. All vehicles need a parking permit. With both the handicapped permit and parking permit displayed, you may park in any lot regardless of designation. Always refrain from parking in metered spaces without proper payment, and service and reserved spaces.

I am a commuter and I cannot find a parking space. Where can I park?

Almost always there are spaces available in Lots D, V, V1, and X. Don't wait in line. We provide a map that highlights locations and estimated times parking spaces are available. Save time and review the Guide to Parking Map

My car won't start. Who can I call?

Call us at 395-PARK. We offer a free Motorist Assistance Program (MAP) to on-campus motorists. This program provides jumpstarts, lock de-icers, lock assistance, and tire inflation during our normal business hours.

I am a Brockport Downtown student and would like to visit the Brockport campus. What do I need to do?

You may either stop at the Conrad Welcome Center and purchase a daily pass for $5 or park and pay at a meter or pay station.

Visitor FAQs


I am a visitor and want to spend the night. Where can I park?

With the proper visitor pass, you may park in Lot V1 or Lot X. Purchase your parking credential at the paystation located in lots T (Tuttle) and V (SERC).

Where can I get a visitor pass if the Conrad Welcome Center is closed?

Visitors who arrive on campus after 5 pm may choose to park and pay at a meter until 7 pm or use a pay statation in lots T (Tuttle) and V (SERC). Two-day permits are available at a pay station. Permits are not required Monday - Thursday 7 pm - 2 am or 5 pm Friday - 2 am Monday.

My department is hosting an event. What do I need to do?

Refer to our Hosting Visitors page.

Transportation FAQs


Are riders required to show their Eagle One ID when boarding the Eagle Run?

Riders may be required to show their ID.

Where does Eagle Run stop?

The Eagle Run has eight different routes including campus, Walmart/Wegmans, Brockport Village, area malls, and transportation hubs. View the shuttle schedule for detail information.

Does the Eagle Run operate when classes are not in session?

In most cases, the Eagle Run does not operate when classes are not in session. However, service to transportation hubs is provided before and after each school break. View the shuttle schedule for complete information.

Are Eagle Run stops marked at each location?

On-campus Eagle Run stops are marked with a shuttle sign. Some off-campus stops located in the Village of Brockport aren't marked. Please use the shuttle schedule to find the location of each stop.

Does the campus Eagle Run shuttle offer rides to the airport?

Yes. Please refer to route 8. This service is offered during most class breaks.

Does the Eagle Run shuttle run on weekends?

Yes. Check the schedule carefully as the weekend stops differ from the weekday stops.

Is a fee required each time I use the Eagle Run shuttle?

No. The Eagle Run shuttle is a student service funded by the transportation fee.

Will the Eagle Run shuttle drop me off a a location other than a posted stop?

No. The bus stops are planned for maximum safety, schedule maintenance, and efficiency. To avoid delays, the schedule and stops must be adhered to.

How do I address a concern I have regarding on campus shuttle services?

Parking and Transportation Services always strives to improve service and your feedback is important to us. For immediate assistance, contact First Transit at 585-317-9170.

Are pets allowed on the Eagle Run?

Pets are not allowed on the Eagle Run unless they are service animals.

Is there a luggage carryon limit?

Space varies based on ridership, so luggage should be kept to a minimum.

What is the food and beverage policy on the Eagle Run?

To help maintain clean shuttles, open food and drink is not allowed on Eagle Run.

Last Updated 10/27/20

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