PTS is currently working hard to find a new tool to help match riders/drivers.

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Several premium parking spaces have been identified in various locations for participants carpooling to campus.

Benefits of Carpooling

  • Convenient
  • Premium parking with Carpool Permit.
  • Each carpooler receives 5 day passes per semester to use on occasions when you need to bring a car to campus.
  • Option for instant notifications via text message or voicemail.
  • Save on parking permit costs! The cost of a Carpool Permit for commuting students is $112.50 per semester and for faculty and staff represented by a collective bargaining unit the cost is $24.10 for the academic year.
  • Share the cost of gas.
  • Reduce the wear and tear on your car.
  • Each participant receives a $5 coupon from JiffyLube.
  • Each participant receives a 10% discount at Nichols' Service on repairs/service costing $200 or more.
  • There is no cost to join, and you will reduce our carbon footprint.

Who is eligible for a Carpool Permit?

Participants must be current students, faculty or staff of The College at Brockport, have similar class or work schedules, and reside in approximately the same area. Before you apply, determine if you reside close enough to use alternate methods of transportation (i.e. walk, bike, regional transportation). Those living within one mile of campus are not eligible for a Carpool Permit. Each vehicle is still required to be properly registered with Parking and Transportation Services.

How do I join?

Once registered, you can search the database for potential riders in your area. When a ridesharing relationship is formed, you may apply for a Carpool Permit. Complete the Agreement and use your Carpool Permit to gain access to premium parking spaces.

Carpooling Tips

  • Be sure to share home, work, and cell phone numbers so that you can communicate in the event of an illness or mechanical problems. Carry this information with you. Be mindful of others and give as much advance warning as possible. On days you need to drive separately, use a day pass issued to you at time of sign-up.  
  • It's best to plan for the unexpected. Familiarize yourself with local public transportation
  • A carpool permit will be shared within your group. Be sure each vehicle is properly registered with Parking and Transportation Services.
  • If a member of the carpool group no longer wants to participate and they are in possession of a Carpool Permit, it must be returned to the Conrad Welcome Center immediately.
  • Parking lot attendants will monitor the vehicle(s) parked in premium carpool spaces to ensure compliance. Vehicles not in compliance will be cited and/or towed and parking privileges may be revoked.
  • Decide who will drive on which days and determine the route and schedule.
  • Decide on a method of reimbursing driving expenses.
  • Decide how long the driver will wait for a passenger.
  • Discuss smoking, music taste, and food.
  • Agree that the arrangement is for a single purpose - commuting to and from work or school.
  • Drive responsibly.
  • Give it a chance.

Last Updated 2/15/21