Warning: Campus E-mail, Downloads, and Social Networking Services are Not Private

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Category Name: Student
Responsible Unit: Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Responsible VP: Provost and VP for Academic Affairs
Adoption Date: August 2008
Last Revision Date:
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Shared governance: none

Policy Statement

The College encourages students to obey the law when using electronic technology (downloads, file sharing) and to use good judgment with personal information that they send through email and post in social networking services.




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Policy Procedures

Students should be aware that there is no guarantee of privacy when sending and receiving messages on The College at Brockport's email system (Bmail). Messages can be read and stored and email is subject to subpoena and search by legal authorities. The College also warns against illegal downloading and sharing of copyrighted material through the Internet (review the Computing Policies and Regulations contained in the Code of Student Social Conduct)

In addition, students should understand that personal profiles posted on the Internet can be accessed by persons other than their friends. Posting services such as facebook.com and myspace.com offer students the possibility of posting a considerable amount of very personal information. When deciding what to post on these and similar sites, students should ask themselves whether they would want parents, potential employers and legal authorities to see the posted material. Posting personal addresses, residence hall room numbers and personal photographs present certain risks by making it very easy for anyone to locate the person who provides this information.

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History (in descending order)

Item Date Explanation
Next Review Date August 2011 Three year review
Adoption Date August 2008 Policy Adopted


Last Updated 10/27/20

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