Federal Title IV Authorization (Federal Aid Funds)

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Category Name: Student
Responsible Unit: Office of Student Accounts
Responsible VP: VP for Administration and Finance
Adoption Date: October 2005
Last Revision Date:
Last Review Date:
Shared governance: none

Policy Statement

Students must provide authorization in order to use federal Title IV aid to pay for miscellaneous account charges.




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Policy Procedures

Federal Title IV financial aid funds are restricted to payment of current period tuition, fees, room and board. Program regulations permit students to authorize use of Title IV financial aid funds for non-institutional expenses such as books and supplies, parking expenses, or campus debit systems such as the BASC Easy Money program if they complete an authorization.

Links to Related Procedures and Information

Return of Title IV Funds

For more information about authorizing use of Title IV funds on your student account at Brockport

Contact Information

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History (in descending order)

Item Date Explanation
Next Review Date October 2008 Three year review
Adoption Date October 2005 Policy Adopted


Last Updated 10/27/20

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