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Policy Statement

The President may grant additional sick leave to a Faculty/Professional employee who has exhausted all accrued sick leave credits.


According to the Board of Trustees Policies:

(a) Additional sick leave may be at full salary, or such part thereof as the chief
administrative officer may determine, or without salary. Additional sick leave at full or partial salary, together with use of any sick leave, shall not exceed a total of six calendar months. Additional sick leave without salary shall not exceed one calendar year. Additional sick leave at full or partial salary pursuant to this paragraph shall not be approved until all sick leave credits accumulated have been exhausted.

(b) The chief administrative officer may grant an employee sick leave in addition to that provided by paragraph (a) of this section. Such additional sick leave may be at full salary or such part thereof as the chief administrative officer may determine, or without salary. The Chancellor may require submission of such leave requests by an institution for his approval when he deems it in the best interest of the University.

(c) Prior to being granted additional sick leave provided by this section an employee may be required to furnish such medical evidence from the employee's physician as may be requested or submit to medical examination by a physician selected by the college or University at its expense.

Authorization for such additional sick leave should be obtained by completing an Appointment Form, Leave Request Form, and Letter of Intent to the President which should be forwarded through administrative channels via the appropriate vice president to the President. Prior to being granted additional sick leave, an employee will be required to furnish medical documentation from his/her physician or submit to a medical examination by a physician selected by the College (at the College's expense).


The granting of additional sick leave is discretionary, and the following factors will be considered by the President in arriving at a determination:


1. The vice president's support of the request
2. Employee's length of service;
3. Amount of leave requested;
4. Employee history with respect to previous sick leave use; and
5. Eligibility for coverage under the State University's Group Insurance Program.


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Policy Procedures

Medical Documentation

Satisfactory medical documentation must accompany all requests for additional sick leave. Acceptable documentation should include diagnosis, prognosis, and start date of the illness, and anticipated return to work date. Documentation should be written on official letterhead of the medical provider and must be signed by the physician with an original signature; the Department of Labor Physician Statement is preferred.


1. Employees must submit a written request for additional sick leave via the Leave Request Form. This written request should be submitted to the supervisor with acceptable medical documentation. (Supervisors have a responsibility to keep medical information and documentation confidential.) Requests submitted without acceptable medical documentation will not be approved. Supervisors should alert employees if the medical documentation provided is missing any of the required elements.

2. The supervisor should verify their records with the Office of Human Resources and Payroll to ensure that the employee meets the above eligibility requirements including having exhausted all available sick leave credits.

3. The supervisor indicates whether or not he/she supports the employee's request in the designated section of the Leave Request Form.

4. The supervisor prepares an Appointment Form placing the employee on additional sick leave at full or partial pay in accordance with their approval. The Appointment Form is forwarded to each person in the employee's chain of command along with a copy of the request for additional sick leave and the medical documentation.

5. The Vice President indicates their support for the employee's request in the designated section on the form based upon the eligibility criteria outlined above and forwards to the President for review and approval.

6. The President approves or denies the request and determines the extent of leave approved. The President will indicate their determination in the space provided on the Leave Request Form. Approved requests are forwarded to Human Resources for processing along with the signed Appointment Form. Employees will receive written notification from the President informing them whether their request was approved or denied.

7. Extended Absences: If the medical provider extends the employee's absence, the employee must submit additional medical documentation to their supervisor. At that time, the supervisor and employee should discuss what options are available to the employee to cover the extended absence. An Appointment Form should be sent to the Office of Human Resources to indicate any extended absence or change in pay.

If the same employee wishes to make another request for additional sick leave, a new Leave Request Form must be submitted according to the aforementioned process provided that the leave has been six months or less in duration for additional leaves with pay or one year or less for additional leaves without pay. The Chancellor, upon recommendation by the President, must approve additional leaves with pay that extend beyond six months or additional leaves without pay that extend beyond one year.

8. Returning To Work: Employees must submit a return-to-work slip to their supervisors indicating that they are able to perform the full range of duties prior to being allowed to return to work after being out on an authorized leave. The supervisor must process an Appointment Form to return the employee to full-pay status and submit to Human Resources. A copy of the return-to-work slip must accompany the Appointment Form.

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