Excessive Heat Policy

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Category Name: Human Resources
Responsible Unit: Office of Human Resources
Responsible VP: VP for Administration and Finance
Adoption Date: Unavailable
Last Revision Date: May 3, 2018
Last Review Date:
Shared governance: none

Policy Statement

There are several College administrative buildings or portions of buildings on campus that are not air-conditioned, and occasionally buildings that are normally air conditioned may experience system interruptions. During the summer months, there are times when the temperature in these buildings rises to a point where employees find it difficult to work effectively.

State Policy 

Under state policy, employee absences resulting from severe weather conditions, including "directed absences," must be charged to personal, overtime, holiday or vacation accruals, even under circumstances requiring the cancellation of classes or the closing of the College. (See Human Resources website, Extraordinary Weather Conditions)


This policy applies to all buildings and grounds, whether owned or leased by the University, and are occupied and utilized by faculty and staff of The College.


All faculty and staff are expected to comply with this policy. Department heads are charged with enforcement of this policy.


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Policy Procedures

Options available to employees

Comfort levels related to the temperature in an office setting are often times a very subjective thing. Several options are available to employees and their supervisors who make the determination that occupying an office in excessive heat is detrimental to an employee's health or is just not conducive to effectively performing administrative tasks.

All of the options below require written supervisory approval:

  1. Use of sick leave – In such cases where the employee believes that excessive heat is exacerbating a medical condition, that employee may use accrued sick leave to cover their absence. Medical documentation may be required per the union contract.
  2. Use of other accrued leave – In cases where employees find the level of heat in offices to be beyond an acceptable level of comfort, the employee may use vacation or other accrued leave, except for sick leave, to cover their absences.
  3. Request an alternative worksite - Employees may contact the Office of Human Resources. HR will work with the employee and supervisor to attempt to find a temporary worksite on campus that will accommodate the employee's needs.
  4. Offsite worksite – An offsite worksite may be established in the case where the employee may effectively work at that site, i.e., has access to appropriate computer and other files and is not responsible for direct customer service.
  5. Adjusted work schedules. Employees may start earlier in the day and leave earlier in the day if responsibilities can be met and office service levels are maintained.

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History (in descending order)

Item Date Explanation
Next Review Date December 1, 2017 Three year review
Revision Date May 3, 2018 Edited Policy Statement and added Purpose and Applicability
Adoption Date Unavailable Policy Adopted


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