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Category Name: Human Resources
Responsible Unit: Office of Human Resources
Responsible VP: VP for Administration and Finance
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Policy Statement


The objective of a sabbatical leave is to increase the value of faculty and administrative officers to SUNY through planned travel, study, formal education, research, writing, and/or other experience of professional value.



Academic employees having continuing appointments and certain administrative officers, who have completed at least six (6) years of consecutive SUNY employment, or who have completed six (6) years of service since their last sabbatical leave, are eligible to apply for sabbatical leave.

Effective Dates

Half Year Sabbatical Leave

Fall only: 09/01 – 12/31 Sabbatical Leave Report due: 04/01
Spring only: 01/01 – 08/31 Sabbatical Leave Report due: 12/01

Full Year Sabbatical Leave
09/01 – 08/31 Sabbatical Leave Report due: 12/01

Non Creditable Service

In determining consecutive years of service, leaves of less than full-salary, without salary, and part-time service shall not be creditable, but shall not constitute a break in consecutive service.


A sabbatical leave may be granted by the President for one year at half-salary or for one semester at full salary. Employees do not earn leave accruals while on sabbatical leave.


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Policy Procedures


Must be filed six (6) months in advance, must clearly outline sabbatical activities, and indicate other prospective income. As a condition of the approval of a sabbatical leave, employees must agree, in writing, to serve a minimum of one year upon return, and to submit to the President a detailed report of professional activities and accomplishments while on sabbatical leave.

For Guidelines and Criteria for Sabbatical Leave Proposals and the Calendar of Personnel Processes outlining deadlines for submission of application, please visit: Calendar of Personnel Processes.

Links to Related Procedures and Information


Trustees Policies, Article XIII, Title E. Sections 1-7, Article 23.6 of the State/UUP Agreement

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