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Category Name: Human Resources
Responsible Unit: Office of Human Resources
Responsible Cabinet Member: VP for Administration and Finance
Adoption Date: Unavailable
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Policy Statement

The College values family life and has worked to develop employment policies and benefits that are supportive of families. While the College seeks to focus on providing an environment open to work and family issues, it also believes that the activities of the workplace should be aimed at accomplishing the work of the College.

Further, the College believes that the frequent or extended presence of visitors in the workplace during work hours generally is inappropriate for several reasons: decreased employee productivity, risk of harm to the visitor and the potential increased liability to the College.

Consequently, the College does not permit the frequent or extended presence of minor children, that may require direct supervision, in the workplace in lieu of other childcare arrangements. The College fully recognizes that circumstances may arise that could necessitate an exception to this policy. When such situations arise the employee and his/her supervisor, in consultation with the Office of Human Resources, will develop a plan that will accommodate the situation with as little disruption as possible.

Similarly, the College does not permit the frequent or extended presence of friends or family members of College employees or off duty employees in the workplace.

This policy is not intended to prohibit or prevent the presence of family members and friends on campus to attend classes, cultural events or sporting events or other authorized use of campus facilities.




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