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Category Name: Student
Responsible Unit: Office of Registration and Records
Responsible VP: VP for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Adoption Date: July 2014
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Shared governance: none

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ADD PERIOD- The first week of classes in a spring or fall semester designated for making course adjustments to the student's schedule. No fee is charged to add to an existing full-time (12 credits) schedule during this period. Winter and summer sessions have proportionate add periods. Permission by instructor's signature or permission key number is required to add any course during the add period. Policies, procedures, dates and deadlines governing adding courses can be found at

ADVISEMENT KEY NUMBER – The six-digit, random number assigned to matriculated undergraduate students and second semester graduate students. The student's advisor provides the Advisement Key Number as proof of the required advisement session to allow access to online registration. The Office of Registration and Records does not assign or give out Advisement Key Numbers to students.

AFFIRM ENROLLMENT – The College defines an enrolled student as one who has registered for courses and has accepted all associated charges. This is referred to as having Affirmed Enrollment and Accepted Financial Responsibility. Regardless of the method by which a student is registered, all students must go online and affirm enrollment and accept financial responsibility on the enrollment agreement screen to reserve their course schedules each semester. Students who fail to affirm their enrollment by the published deadline date will have their courses removed. A fee will be charged for re-registration and any subsequent re-registration due to not having affirmed enrollment.

APPLICATION FOR GRADUATION – All students must go online and complete the Application for Graduation to be reviewed for completion of their degree requirements. Degrees are not awarded if the Application for Graduation is not on file. The Application for Graduation is available at Undergraduates who have completed 84 credit hours and graduate students who have completed 21 credit hours are eligible to apply for graduation.

AUDITING A COURSE – Students may register on an audit basis and attend class but are not obligated to meet course requirements and do not receive credit. Auditing a course is open to matriculated full-time students at SUNY Brockport OR to any citizen of New York State who is 60 years of age or older on instructor's approval. Specific forms are available at the Office of Registration and Records.

DEGREE WORKS - DegreeWorks is a web-based tool for students to monitor their academic progress toward degree completion by reviewing a degree audit. DegreeWorks allows students and 
their advisors to plan future coursework. DegreeWorks reorganizes your transcript chronologically and categorically, easily identifying courses you have completed and what courses you still need in order to fulfill your degree requirements. Students who are admitted to Brockport in summer 2014 or later and their advisors will be able to use DegreeWorks as an advising tool to better follow the student's progress and determine which requirements are still needed. For more information on DegreeWorks, go to and click DegreeWorks FAQs from the options to the left.

DIRECTED STUDY – Directed study is open to students when a traditional course is not offered during the semester or session in which the student wishes to enroll. The material covered is essentially the same as that covered in the traditional course. A student may carry no more than one directed study course per semester or per summer session. Applications are available from the Office of Academic Advisement web site at Independent Study uses the same application, but has different guidelines. See "Independent Study" for more information.

DROP PERIOD – Weeks one through four of a spring or fall semester are designated as the drop period. Winter and summer sessions have abbreviated drop periods. In general, permission is not required to drop with a few exceptions. These exceptions and other policies, procedures, dates and deadlines governing dropping courses can be found at

ENROLLMENT FORM – The student's enrollment form (printed schedule) is available online from Web Banner or with the proper identification from the Office of Registration and Records. It lists all courses for which the student is officially registered in any one term. The back of the enrollment form is used for obtaining instructor permission signatures for making in person schedule adjustments at the Office of Registration and Records.

HOLD – An action placed on a student's record by the appropriate department that will prevent the student from obtaining college services. Students may receive a hold from various offices for various obligations or for failing to submit required documents requested by the College. Only the office that placed the hold on the student's record can remove it. The Registrar's Office does not place or clear holds on students' records.

INDEPENDENT STUDY – Independent Study is intended to be an extension of a traditional course with the opportunity to pursue a subject area in more depth and in a more independent manner than would be possible in a traditional course. No more than two independent study courses are allowed in any one regular (spring or fall) semester and no more than one per summer session. Independent study courses may not exceed six credits. Independent study courses are designated as liberal arts (A) credit. Applications and outline forms are available from the Office of Academic Advisement web site at Directed Study uses the same application, but has different guidelines. See "Directed Study" for more information.

LATE ADD PERIOD – Weeks two and three of a spring or fall semester are designated as the late add period. Winter and summer sessions have abbreviated late add periods. A Permission Key Number or instructor's signature is required to add a course during this period and a $20 late add fee is charged.

ONLINE REGISTRATION – The Web Banner system allows students to register online 24 hours a day from any computer connected to the internet. Go to and click Quick Links and then Web Banner to sign on to the system.

PERMISSION KEY NUMBER - A six-digit, random set of numbers assigned to a specific course. The Permission Key Number, which is term and course specific, is used to override the enrollment in a course. A Permission Key Number is provided to students only by the course instructor to allow registration of a closed or otherwise restricted course.

WAITLIST - A computerized function that allows students to place themselves on a Registration Waitlist when a class enrollment is full. If you are on a Waitlist and a space opens, you will be notified through your Brockport email. Note: The waitlisted student is strongly encouraged to check his/her Brockport email account daily. The waitlist system operates 24/7, including weekends and holidays. For more information, go to and click Wait List FAQs from the options to the left.

WITHDRAWAL – Withdrawals from courses cannot be processed online. Once the drop period has ended, students may only leave a course by withdrawing from it. They must complete and submit a withdrawal form to the Office of Registration and Records to be officially withdrawn from a course. A $20 fee is charged and a grade of "W" appears on the transcript. The withdrawal form is available from the Office of Registration and Records web site at under Forms. Withdrawal procedures are different depending on the time frame in which the withdrawal is processed. A complete description of procedures, guidelines and dates and deadlines can be found at There is no refund for courses withdrawn.

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Next Review Date July 2017 Three year review
Adoption Date July 2014 Policy Adopted
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