Grade Point Averages (GPA) at the Undergraduate Level

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Adoption Date: May 4, 2012
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How to compute your undergraduate GPA.




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Policy Procedures

Any course taken at The College at Brockport on the "letter grade" option contributes to your semester/cumulative GPA. The only exception to this is the course that is repeated, in which case, the last grade earned in the course is the one that contributes to your GPA. (All courses taken remain on your transcript, however, whether repeated or not.) Computing your own GPA is an easy matter, as shown by this example:

Course Credits Grade Quality Points
THE 205 3.00 B 9.00
SOC 100 3.00 E 0.00
ENL 171 3.00 C 6.00
BIO 111 3.00 D 3.00
CHM 205 4.00 A 16.00
Totals 16.00   34.00

With these grades for a semester, you would earn a semester GPA of 2.12, which is the result of dividing the total number of quality points (QP) earned (34) by the number of credits completed (16). QP/# credits = GPA or 34/16 = 2.12. To figure your cumulative GPA, follow the same process for all courses taken at The College at Brockport. If you want to be absolutely sure, check your degree audit or your transcript at the end of each semester. You may also use the GPA calculator.

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Next Review Date May 4, 2015 Three year review
Adoption Date May 4, 2012  Policy Adopted
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