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Category Name: Administration & Operations
Responsible Unit: Student Union and Activities 
Responsible VP: VP for EMSA
Adoption Date: 2020-09-15
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Campus Procedures for Assembly and Demonstration

SUNY Brockport has established procedures to ensure compliance with SUNY policies and the safety of the campus community.

Giving Reasonable Notice of Planned Assembly and Demonstration.

The purpose of these procedures is to preserve the First Amendment rights of the campus community and others, and maintain public order, consistent with SUNY’s Rules for the Maintenance of Public Order. These procedural expectations should not be construed to prevent or limit communication between and among faculty, students, and administration, nor to prevent or restrain controversy and dissent. The principle and practice of intellectual freedom is best extended to all when clear procedures are established regarding the time, place, and manner for the exercise of free speech activity that is likely to disrupt usual campus activities.

Time, Place, Manner guidelines will be discussed with event planners and will mirror current campus guidelines for events, as well as CDC guidelines and state mandates. Please note that these guidelines may change through the 2020-2021 academic year due to the pandemic and changing state directives.

  • Indoor events limited to 25 persons; outdoor events limited to 50 persons (per events policy recommendation)
  • Face coverings required for indoor and outdoor events
  • Communication about event will remind participants to follow public health guidelines such as wearing a mask, social distancing, etc. 
  • Allow a minimum of 6 feet between participants to allow for social distancing 
  • Establish parameters for maintaining distance from opposing groups 

I.  Advance Arangements. Individuals and groups interested in organizing an activity or event, including protests or demonstrations, must make advance arrangements with Student Union & Activities, located at 227 Seymour College Union. Advance notification enables the College to support the event taking place in a constructive and peaceable manner. Notification of the intention to hold a protest or demonstration shared at least 48 hours before the start of the event is necessary to ensure that the College has ample notice to determine safety and resource needs. Failure to comply with these notification requirements may result in an event or activity being shut down.

  1. How to Provide Notification.
    1. Forms are available through the Student Union & Activities (SUA), 227 Seymour College Union or the Office of the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. Please email Student Union & Activities at to request a form or call (585) 395-5646.
    2. For the reservation of campus space (indoor and outdoor), please review SUNY Brockport procedures for hosting events and forums on campus, which can be found at

      SUA will assist and provide coordination for reservations and additional event support, costs, and review, ensuring successful support and accountability for the College’s appropriate management of its space, consistent with SUNY policies.

      To manage events occurring off campus in the Village of Brockport, please visit:

  2. Notification Content. With respect to the assembly, picketing, or demonstration, notice of the event should set forth:
    1. The date and time;
    2. The requested location (see Section II for information regarding campus considerations);
    3. The intended purpose;
    4. The anticipated duration (see Section IV for information regarding campus considerations); and
    5. The anticipated number of people participating.
  3. The College’s Role. With the appropriate advance notice, the College, specifically SUA or designee, will engage with event coordinators and/or demonstrators prior to and during the event, to:
    1. Support the safe execution of the event;
    2. Engage campus partners to ensure participants’ and community safety; and
    3. Assist organizers to ensure the demonstration does not disrupt the normal operations of the College.

II.  Locations and Building Occupancy. “Grounds of this institution,” as used in these procedures, includes the campus of SUNY Brockport, and any other premises or property under the control of the College used in its teaching, research, administration, service, cultural, recreational, athletic, or other programs and activities.

  1. Designated Public Locations: The College is committed to making use of public locations on campus for events/activities associated with freedom of expression and rights to peacefully assemble. The College has identified a primary designated public forum space, the Campus Mall, located adjacent to the Seymour College Union between Edwards Hall and Smith Hall. This area has been designated as a primary outdoor location due to high pedestrian traffic and visibility. Additional public locations will be considered if those sites do not significantly interfere with the College’s operations. Please note that identified areas on campus with signage stating “Assembly Area” are intended for emergency management and evacuation purposes only. 
  2. Building Occupancy: When assembly and demonstrations occur in a building, to maintain a physically safe environment and ensure compliance with the fire code, the College will take into consideration the number of people participating, and whether occupancy limits are being followed. Walkways and entrances to and inside buildings must always remain open, as well as clearly designated pathways through the building, to allow safe access and egress. Ticketing is strongly encouraged, and may be required for some events, as a crowd control and safety mechanism.

III.  Noise Levels. College officials may require event organizers to change the volume if the activity interrupts the operations of the College or violates the Village of Brockport noise ordinance. To minimize potential disruptions to the community, all sounds (such as music, amplified sound, or other loud noises) are required to be kept at a reasonable level. A College Official, in consultation with the event sponsor, and other impacted parties, will determine “Reasonable level.”

IV.  Protest and Demonstration Duration. Protests and demonstrations will be permitted until or unless College officials determine that the College’s operations have been disrupted and/or the rights of others, as determined by the law, have been significantly infringed. Interference with educational pursuits are viewed as particularly disruptive to the operations of the College.

V.  Counter-Protest. A protest, demonstration, or event on campus may invite additional forms of protest, and the College acknowledges that the free expression of all parties is important. Please note that the Office of SUA may designate additional protest areas for persons with views that differ from the views held by an event’s organizers. In order to ensure the safety of all participants, University Police will determine the need for barriers, officers, and other protective measures.

VI.  Penalties. With emphasis on safety for all, any person or group who violates, or fails or refuses to meet or comply with Sections II - V of these procedures, may be subject to penalties or discipline as provided in College policy and the Rules and Regulations for the Maintenance of Public Order on Premises of State-operated Institutions of the State University of New York

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