Academic Community and Intelligence Agencies

Section 210.18

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Category Name: Administration and Operations
Responsible Unit: College-wide
Responsible VP: President
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Policy Statement

The University Senate has provided "Guidelines Governing Relationships Between the Academic Community and United States intelligence agencies."




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Policy Procedures

1. The College may enter into research contracts with the Central Intelligence Agency or other United States intelligence agencies provided that such contracts conform with the University's normal rules governing contracting with outside sponsors, and that the existence of a contract is made known to the academic community by University officials.

2. Individual members of the academic community may enter into direct or indirect consulting arrangements for United States intelligence agencies to provide research and analytical services. The individual should report, in writing, the existence of such an arrangement to the President.

3. Any member of the academic community who has an ongoing relationship with United States intelligence agencies as a recruiter should report that fact, in writing, to the President. Such a recruiter should not give any intelligence agency the name of another member of the academic community without prior consent of the individual. Members of the academic community whose advice is sought on a one-time or occasional basis should carefully consider whether, under the circumstances, it is appropriate to give the name of another member of the academic community without prior consent of the individual.

4. Members of the academic community should not undertake intelligence operations for United States intelligence agencies. They should not participate in propaganda activities if the activities involve lending their names and positions to gain public acceptance for materials they know to be misleading or untrue. Before undertaking any other propaganda activities, an individual should consider whether the task is consistent with scholarly and professional obligations.

5. No member of the academic community should assist United States intelligence agencies in obtaining the unwitting services of another member of the academic community. United States intelligence agencies should not employ members of the academic community in an unwitting manner.

6. Questions concerning the interpretation and application of these guidelines should be discussed with the President.

Note: While these "guidelines" apply to "United States intelligence agencies," the intent is that they apply to all intelligence agencies of whatever country.

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History (in descending order)

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Next Review Date December 1, 2017   Three-year review
Adoption Date Unavailable  Policy Adopted
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