Administration of Housing & Presidential Authority to Make Rules and Regulations

Section 685.03 & 685.04

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Category Name: Administration and Operations
Responsible Unit: College-wide
Responsible VP: President
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Policy Procedures

Administration of Housing 

1. The President of the College shall have the power and duty of administering these rules and regulations and is hereby authorized to adopt additional rules and regulations that in his/her opinion may be necessary for such purpose, not inconsistent herewith, subject to the prior approval by, and the filing of such regulations with, the Chancellor of the State University of New York.

2. The Residence Hall Inventory shall include items, which have been assigned to an individual student and for which he/she will be held responsible as an individual. It will also include suite lounges and other public areas, which have been assigned to roommates or suite mates and for which they are collectively responsible.

Presidential Authority to Make Rules and Regulations

1. Subject to the regulations of the Board of Trustees of State University of New York, Resolution 59-181 (SUNY PH 012), the President of the College is authorized to make and administer rules and regulations for student housing, which may:

A. Prescribe the extent to which students in full-time attendance, other than married students or students residing with their parent or parents, shall be required to live in residence halls operated by the College.

B. Provide the procedure for obtaining permission of the President or other officer or officers as he/she may designate to live off-campus.

2. In making such rules and regulations, the President of the College shall give consideration to the extent to which housing is available and utilized in the residence halls; to the availability and suitability, with respect to health, safety, and supervision, of off-campus housing; and to provide for individual cases under special circumstances.

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