Guidelines for Credit-Bearing Off-Campus Instructional Activities

Section 250.05

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Category Name: Administration and Operations
Responsible Unit: College-wide
Responsible VP: President
Adoption Date: Unavailable
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Shared governance: none

Policy Statement

If a SUNY unit plans to offer an off-campus credit-bearing activity in a geographic region where other SUNY units are located, the initiating campus must inform the President of all other SUNY units within this geographic area of its proposed activity. This written notification must take place even if the other SUNY units cannot offer this proposed off-campus activity. If the proposed off-campus activity is one that the other SUNY units have the capacity to offer and would be willing to offer, the SUNY unit proposing the activity must obtain the approval of its plans from the other SUNY units prior to scheduling the activity. If an agreement cannot be reached between two SUNY units about the offering of an off-campus activity, the conflict should be submitted to the appropriate Vice Chancellor for final resolution.

An off-campus credit-bearing instructional activity refers to credit-bearing courses and programs, which are, taught off-campus. It does not refer to field trips, internships, student teaching, cooperative education, international programs, or the like, which are supervised by on-campus faculty for students enrolled primarily in on-campus programs.




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Next Review Date December 1, 2017 Three year review
Adoption Date Unavailable Policy Adopted
Draft Review Date Draft Policy under 30-day Campus Review


Last Updated 10/27/20

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