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Code of Student Conduct

Code of Student Conduct
The Code of Student Conduct states the behavioral expectations and standards of conduct for all students. Rules pertain to the actions of individuals as well as student clubs, organizations and/or groups.

College Policy on Student Organization Affiliation
This college policy informs students of disciplinary action that may occur with affiliation with any organization or group that has had its College registration withdrawn.

Hazing Policy
This policy defines hazing and informs students and organizations of possible disciplinary action(s) when found in violation of The College's hazing policy. Students and organizations may also be subject to criminal prosecution for violation of the New York state anti-hazing law. Statement of Position SUNY Brockport recognizes that student groups/organizations and athletic teams are integral parts of campus life. They provide leadership opportunities, social and academic support, scholarship, friendship and community service. The College has an obligation to protect the environment within which they operate. All students are expected to conduct themselves responsibly and respect the rights of their fellow citizens.Any departure from these standards may result in disciplinary action.

Mandatory Leave with Conditions for Return Policy
This policy serves as a guide for safety intervention with students who have demonstrated behaviors that pose a substantial risk of harm to individuals within the College community, and/or whose behavior has impeded the educational process, lawful activities, and functions of other members of the College community. 

Move-The-Box Policy
The SUNY system now requires SUNY institutions of higher learning to make admissions decisions in the absence of felony knowledge, and charged the campuses to create policies that would collect felony information only from students wishing to live in college housing, study abroad or who participate in certain clinical and field experiences or internships.

Tobacco-free, Smoke-free & Vape-free Campus Policy
SUNY Brockport is committed to providing a tobacco-free environment including prohibiting the use of all forms of tobacco and vaping products on campus. This policy is a research-based public health strategy recommended by the U.S. Surgeon General and is in compliance with New York State regulations.