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Commencement vs Graduation

It is important to know the difference between commencement and graduation. The commencement ceremony is the formal cap/gown ceremony held in May. This is a celebration of our student's accomplishments. Students who walk during commencement will receive a blank diploma cover and a tassel.

Graduation is the term used when a student is awarded their degree. Students are awarded their degree when they have met all the necessary requirements.


Who can Walk

Since students will be receiving a blank diploma cover and tassel during the commencement ceremony, All potential graduates from the spring and summer semesters and those who graduated from the previous fall and winter semesters are given the opportunity to attend the commencement ceremony.

Signing Up

Students must complete the Application for Graduation by April 1 in order to be eligible to receive tickets for their guests at the Commencement ceremony and to have your name included in the Commencement Program. Students must also indicate on their application if they wish to attend (or not attend) the Commencement ceremony so that the College Bookstore and the Office of Conferences and Events can make the necessary arrangements.

Receiving Honors

Students who have earned the required GPA for Latin Honors and earned at least 48 credits at Brockport by the start of the spring semester will receive an Honors Tassel at commencement. Please click here for the policy related to graduation honors for undergraduate students.

Academics Honors for Undergraduates Policy

Commencement Website

Receiving your Diploma

Your degree will appear on your official transcript, which is the most important proof of degree completion. This is posted once a final review is completed following the posting of final grades at the end of the semester. With the volume of final reviews required to approve degrees, this may take a few weeks.

Once the final review is complete, you will have an opportunity to pick up your diploma for one week after it has been processed. Students will receive an email to their Brockport email address letting them know when their diploma is available. After the one week pick up period has ended, your diploma will be mailed to the address you provided on your application within two to four weeks.

If you need to make other arrangements to receive your diploma, for an example an address change, you must request it specifically. Please notify the Office of Registration and Records immediately of any changes to your address.

Last Updated 10/27/20

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