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Before you Register

  • Holds: After signing in to web Banner, check Student Services > Student Records > View Holds for any holds that may prevent you from registering. Only the office that placed the hold on your record can clear it. Please contact that office regarding the hold.
    • If a hold is placed on your record after you have registered for courses, you must either come to the Office of Registration and Records or email a written request from your Brockport email address to make changes to your schedule.
  • Have the Course Reference Number (CRN) for each course you are attempting to register for. You can use the Course Schedule to look up the CRNs.
  • Matriculated undergraduate students and second semester matriculated graduate students must obtain their Advisement Key Numbers from their advisor to register online. The Office of Registration and Records does not assign or give out Advisement Key Numbers to students.
  • Permission Key Numbers are no longer available. Please see instructions below (Adding a Course) regarding overriding enrollment to a course.

Adding, Dropping & Withdrawing from a Course

Instructions to Add/Drop a Course Online

  1. Access Web Banner
  2. Enter your NetID and Password
  3. Click on Student Services
  4. Click on Registration
  5. Click on Registration/Add/Drop Classes

Adding a Course

  1. Enter the CRN of the course you would like to add
  2. Click Submit Changes
  3. The courses that were successfully registered will appear with the “Web Registered” message under “Current Schedule”. Courses not successfully registered will appear as “Registration Add Errors” with the reason for not being added in the status column to the left. You will need to obtain permission from the instructor of the course to override the error.
    1. First, the instructor for the course must enter the Permission Override in Web Banner
    2. Then, the student must register/Add the Course through Web Banner.
  4. Affirm Enrollment: In order to prevent you from being removed from the course roster, you need to affirm enrollment.
    1. Click on Affirm Your Enrollment Status (located in the header of the Registration Add/Drop Courses webpage)
    2. Click both Accept and Submit to lock in your course schedule. This will not prevent you from making changes to your schedule.

Dropping a Course

  1. Select the course you would like to drop
  2. Click on the drop down box under the Action Heading
  3. Select Web Drop
  4. Click on Submit Changes

Last Updated 7/1/20

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