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Preparing to Register

This section of the website will help you to prepare for course registration. Students may register for courses and make changes to their class schedule at any time between the start of their enrollment through the end of the drop/add period for that session. Courses dropped during the drop/add period will not appear on the students’ transcripts.

During the fall and spring semester, students can withdrawal from courses from the beginning of week five to the end of week ten of a regular semester. Departmental permission is not required during this period. When a Withdrawal Form is submitted, a notation of “W” will appear on the permanent record. 

The Late Withdrawal Period runs from week eleven to the Friday before the last week of classes. The student may need to provide the department chairperson with appropriate documentation to support the request for withdrawal. The signature of the department chairperson is required to be approved for a late withdrawal.  When officially withdrawn, the student will receive a “W” on the permanent record.

Students should consult with the Office of  Special Sessions and Programs for specific withdrawal dates. 

Before you Register

  • Holds: After signing in to Web Banner, check Student Services > Student Records > View Holds for any holds that may prevent you from registering. Only the office that placed the hold on your record can clear it. Please contact that office regarding the hold.
  • If a hold is placed on your record after you have registered for courses, you must either come to the Office of Registration and Records or email a written request from your Brockport email address to make changes to your schedule.
  • Include your 800# and have the Course Reference Number (CRN) for each course you are attempting to register for. You can use the Course Schedule to look up the CRNs.
  • Matriculated undergraduate students and second semester matriculated graduate students must obtain their Advisement Key Numbers from their advisor to register online. The Office of Registration and Records does not assign or give out Advisement Key Numbers to students.


Registration for classes takes place during specific periods of time. Students are able to begin registering during their designated enrollment period. Beginning in mid-November for spring registration, and mid-April for fall registration, students can learn their appointment for the next semester by viewing the Dates and Deadlines. Students may register continuously from the start of their enrollment period until the end of the drop/add period. Students should be mindful of registration deadlines to avoid having to pay a late registration payment fee.

For details about adding and dropping through Web Banner, please view the How to Add/Drop/Withdrawal Courses.

Last Updated 10/27/20

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