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Registration Schedule

Undergraduate students may register for the Spring 2020 term based on the total number of credits completed as of the end of the Summer 2019 term. In-progress coursework does not count toward your credits completed when determining your registration date. For Undergraduate students, your class standing is based on the credit thresholds below.

Class Level Breakdown

Seniors: 84 or more credits completed by the end of Summer 2019
Juniors: 54 of more credits completed by the end of Summer 2019
Sophomores: 24 or more credits completed by the end of Summer 2019
Freshmen: 0-23 credits completed by the end of Summer 2019

Major's Reservation

Major's Reservation takes place one week before registration begins for a spring or fall semester. It is an opportunity for matriculated undergraduates with a major in pre-approved departments to register ahead of their scheduled registration day. This early registration is only for courses within the students major.

Students meet with their faculty advisor in person during this week to discuss their potential schedule. The faculty advisor will then register the student for the class during this meeting.

Not all departments take part in Majors Reservation. Students should check with their Department's office to see if they can take advantage of this opportunity.

Spring 2020 Registration Schedule

Who may Register Date(s)

WinterSession Registration Begins

Monday, November 4

Majors' Reservation (participating departments only

November 4 - 8

Delta & Honors Student Registration

Monday, November 11

Matriculated Graduate Registration

Monday, November 11

Matriculated Undergraduate Seniors

Monday, November 11 (6 am)
Tuesday November 12
Wednesday, November 13
Matriculated Undergraduate Juniors Thursday, November 14 (6 am)
Friday, November 15
Monday, November 18
Matriculated Undergraduate Sophomores Tuesday, November 19 (6 am)
Wednesday, November 20
Thursday, November 21

Matriculated Undergraduate Freshmen

Friday, November 22 (6 am)
Monday, November 25
Tuesday, November 26

Non-matriculated Undergraduate & Graduate Students

Monday, December 2

Last Updated 10/24/19

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