IPEDS Data Feedback Reports

IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) is a federal data collection system that collects institution-level data on variables.

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IPEDS gathers data related to student enrollment, graduation rates, financial aid, college finances, faculty and staff, and more from over 7,000 institutions of higher education across the United States. IPEDS Data Feedback Report is a summary  comprised of a variety of the aforementioned data points generated for campuses and can be used by campuses to verify the accuracy of IPEDS data reporting and benchmark against other institutions.

Past IPEDS Data Feedback Reports

IPEDS 2015 (pdf)

IPEDS 2016 (pdf)

IPEDS 2017 (pdf)

IPEDS 2018 (pdf)

IPEDS 2019 (pdf)

IPEDS 2020 (pdf)

Last Updated 5/26/21