Terms of Use: Qualtrics at SUNY Brockport

Qualtrics web survey software is available to current faculty, staff, and students at SUNY Brockport.

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This robust online survey tool combines advanced features with an easy-to-use interface. Current campus members can create, deploy, and analyze surveys for academic, administrative, and research related purposes.

Please remember that any use of such technology is subject to Brockport technology and network policies, and research studies with human subjects must be approved by our Institutional Review Board. Student projects must have the approval and supervision of appropriate faculty/staff.

Use of Qualtrics is subject to the following terms and conditions set forth in this Terms of Use document. It is also subject to any federal, state, and local laws along with Brockport policies, including those listed in this document but not limited to.

Appropriate Use

  • Use of Qualtrics is restricted to work related to your professional role at Brockport. This can be academic research, administrative work, or student research. Users will not use Qualtrics for personal use, be it for monetary gain or not.
  • All human participant research must receive prior approval from Brockport's Institutional Review Board.
  • Campus-wide surveys need to be coordinated with Institutional Research & Analysis (IRA) to help avoid survey fatigue.
  • Access to the tool is only through your personal Brockport NetID. Do not use any "shared" or departmental accounts. Also, do not share your password.
  • When leaving SUNY Brockport, you will no longer be able to access your Qualtrics content via the College's login.
  • Qualtrics may not be used to collect any type of secure or regulated data, such as SSNs, credit card numbers, or any other data element that is categorized as Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Users of Qualtrics are expressly forbidden from asking survey participants for any information classified as 'Restricted' according to FERPA and HIPAA guidelines.
  • Qualtrics is a third party software suite. All content is stored on their server and also subject to their terms of use. Brockport is not responsible for data backup / data loss.
  • Users will not SPAM or use other forms of unsolicited mass communication in conjunction with Qualtrics. Additionally, Qualtrics users are prohibited from sending mass emails via Brockport's email system. Instead, users are encouraged to use Qualtrics's built-in e-mail feature to send survey links to their participants.
  • Use of Qualtrics is still applicable to Copyright and DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

Maintaining the Security, Confidentiality and Integrity of Personal Information

PCI (Payment Card Industry) Policy

E-mail and Network Policy

Student Use

  • As noted above, students must be working with Brockport faculty or staff when using Qualtrics. The faculty or staff member should also be using Qualtrics along with their student(s) for supervision.
  • The faculty/staff working with student(s) needs to send Institutional Research & Analysis student names and ID numbers for those with whom they will be working. For a class, pulling a roster is fine.
  • Also, indicate the length of time that the student(s) will be using Qualtrics.
  • Students are reminded about existing policies regarding e-mail and file copyright.

Other Data Collection Tools

  • Qualtrics is a survey tool. For simple web-based forms, the College has a tool called MachForm that allows basic data collection. Information about MachForm is available here.
  • Faculty members are still able to use the Learning Management System (Blackboard) for course-based surveys, but broad-based surveys should be conducted using Qualtrics.

Web Privacy Policy

*The office of Institutional Research & Analysis, in conjunction with Information Technology, reserves the right to modify these terms as needed. Any time this is updated, an announcement will be highlighted on our Qualtrics web page. Continued use of the Qualtrics tool requires your agreement with our terms of use and the Qualtrics terms of use. 

Last Updated 6/21/21