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Auditing Courses

You are eligible to audit a course at SUNY Brockport if you are either a full-time student (registered for 12 or more credits) or an older adult (60 years of age or older). Course auditing is on a space-available basis only. You must have the instructor's approval to audit a course. As a course auditor, there is no tuition or fees charged for the audited course, you are not registered for the audited course; you are not required to meet the course requirements; and you will not receive any formal recognition (i.e. grades or transcript entry of the audited course.


The SUNY Board of Trustees has established a policy of tuition assistance for eligible employees of State University, the community colleges and the Research Foundation of State University of New York. This policy provides that up to 100 percent of the cost of tuition charged for eligible courses of instruction may be waived where such employees enroll in courses at a state operated campus of the University. The policy also provides that employees may be REIMBURSED for eligible courses of instruction if taken at OTHER THAN a state operated campus of the University. In the latter case, the funds must be made available by the employing unit.

For more information, contact the Office of Human Resources at (585) 395-2126.

UUP Tuition Waivers

The agreement between the State and the UUP negotiating unit provides that employees may enroll tuition-free in one course at any state operated SUNY campus if space is available in the course. UUP employees from any institution many not pre-register for the course in which they intend to use a UUP waiver. Pre-registering will result in the UUP waiver being invalid and the employee/student being charged for full tuition. SUNY Brockport employees pre-registering for courses will not be issued a UUP waiver and will be added to the bottom of the B-140 Employee Tuition Waiver List for a limited amount of waiver monies available for that semester.

Course seats available after the published UUP registration date will determine whether the waiver can be used on a space-available basis. The UUP registration date schedule for each semester is available in the Office of Human Resources. Any questions regarding usage of UUP waivers should be directed to the Office of Human Resources at SUNY Brockport at (585) 395-2126, or inquire at your employing institution's office responsible for issuing UUP waivers.

Critic or Supervising Teachers

The SUNY Board of Trustees has established a tuition waiver policy for teachers providing services to the University as critic or supervising teachers. Supervising teachers has the option of earning a tuition waiver ($250) or a stipend ($200). Once an option is selected, it may not be changed. Such waivers may be used either by the teacher providing the service or by other professional staff members of the same school system as approved by the chief administrative office, in the event that the original recipient chooses not to use the waiver.

Critic/supervising teacher tuition waivers may not be remitted for waiver of tuition for courses taken during the same period of time in which the waivers are earned. Example: You are registered for a spring course with a start date of January 24. You are supervising a student teacher during the spring third-quarter marking period with an end date of March 13. Said waiver would not be accepted as waiver of tuition for the spring semester at SUNY Brockport, but would be valid for tuition waiver during the next academic period, in this scenario, summer sessions commencing in mid-May.

Multiple waivers may be remitted toward waiver of tuition. If total dollar amount of waivers submitted exceeds total tuition charges, excess waiver money will not be refunded to the student, but will be returned to the state to fund future critic teacher waivers.

Supervisors of Social Service Field Work

The SUNY Board of Trustees has established a tuition waiver policy for persons providing services to the University as supervisors of social service field work. This type of waiver is NOT transferable.

A maximum of eight credits of tuition may be waived in any one semester.

Fellows, Interns, Graduate/Teaching/Research Assistants

Up to full tuition for a semester may be waived for any enrolled graduate student holding an appointment as a fellow or intern. Graduate students employed as graduate assistants, teaching assistants or research assistants must be employed on a 25 percent equivalent full-time basis to qualify for up to full waiver of tuition. Where employed on a less than 25 percent equivalent full-time basis, waiver of tuition is limited on a pro-rated portion of the full tuition charge. Questions concerning appointment of fellows, interns, graduate assistants, teaching assistants, and research assistants should be directed to the department for whom you work as an assistant.

Note: Use of waivers does not constitute as a payment on the student account. In order to receipt a student bill, the appropriate payment for the remaining balance is required. Submission of a waiver WILL NOT receipt the bill.

Last Updated 7/29/21