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Most social media platforms don’t let you add alt text, but you should describe what’s happening in the picture/video for all of your media-based posts. 

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  • Facebook automatically generates alt text for all photos, which provides very basic, general information
  • All photos should include a descriptive caption in addition to alt text
  • Larger photo album uploads can utilize PhotoShelter to pre-populate photo captions
  • Videos need to be auto-captioned using Facebook’s software


  • Turn on alternative text for images in settings
  • When you tweet a hyperlink, indicate whether it leads to [AUDIO], [PIC], or [VIDEO]
  • Use a URL-shortener to minimize the number of characters in a hyperlink


  • Use the post description area to add descriptive captions to images. Otherwise, Instagram does not make it possible to add alt text to the photo files themselves
  • Make sure any videos have been captioned prior to uploading


  • Snapchat has limited accessibility options
  • Make sure images & videos have descriptions, and that the text size being used is large


  • All videos need to be captioned using YouTube’s auto-generation feature
  • Check that captions which have been auto-generated are accurate
  • Include complete description of what’s happening in the video in addition to closed-captions

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Last Updated 10/27/20

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